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Prepare for the transition to HHVBP with expert-led educational resources and effective quality and engagement solutions to set your agency up for success.

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days until Home Health Value-based Purchasing begins. Your score will now be determined by the following:


OASIS accuracy


submitted claims & hospitalizations


HHCAHPS survey

Elevate Your Quality of Care to Thrive Under HHVBP

Optimize reimbursements and drive better outcomes with targeted solutions for both patients and providers that boost OASIS accuracy, reduce readmissions, and elevate HHCAHPS scores.

Improve OASIS Accuracy

Poor OASIS documentation can be costly. Reduce OASIS errors to ensure accurate outcomes and reimbursement by:

  • Efficiently onboarding staff with our full-scope 10-course OASIS training series.
  • Reinforcing training with short microlearning courses to remediate common errors.
  • Streamlining assignment, tracking, and reporting with an intuitive Learning Management System.

Reduce Readmissions

Readmissions directly impact your HHVBP scores and your reimbursement. Improve chronic condition management, reduce falls, and decrease medication errors by:

  • Elevating your care team to manage complex conditions with education on CHF, COPD, diabetes, and cancer.
  • Improving patient self-management with effective patient education, exercises, and remote communication tools.
  • Preparing managers to better support clinicians with leadership and change management training.

Boost HHCAHPS Scores

Lagging HHCAHPS scores could lead to a drop in reimbursement—and referrals. Elevate patient satisfaction by:

  • Training clinical and non-clinical staff on soft skills with targeted microlearning courses.
  • Establishing good patient rapport with courses focusing on communication and HHCAHPS.
  • Building a strong therapeutic alliance with digital engagement and communication tools.

See a few samples of our HHVBP resources

Leadership Training

Readmission Podcasts

Patient Education


HHVBP Resource Center

Prepare for Home Health Value-based Purchasing with resources to help your organization remain successful under the new model.

Proven Results with Home Health Industry Leaders

Deliver higher quality of care at a lower cost with a solution that combines powerful staff and patient engagement tools.

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Saved per new hire by decreasing time to productivity


Saved for each FTE retained in their first year


Decrease in the cost of managing chronic conditions*

* https://www.healthaffairs.org/doi/pdf/10.1377/hlthaff.2014.0452. Accessed 23 Nov. 2021.