What are the technical requirements to run MedBridge?

Browser requirements

For the optimal experience, MedBridge recommends that users connect using the following web browsers:

Browser MedBridge Telehealth
Chrome (latest version +1 below) check_circle check_circle
Safari 13 check_circle check_circle
Firefox (latest version +1 below) check_circle check_circle
Internet Explorer 11 check_circle cancel
  • MedBridge requires that JavaScript and cookies are enabled.
  • For enterprise environments, MedBridge may need to be added to your trusted sites.
  • For environments with hosted web browsers (e.g. Citrix), MedBridge must be configured as a trusted site in the hosted browser platform.

Please visit www.supportdetails.net to check your browser version.

Bandwidth Requirements

Recommended 1 Mbps
Minimum 700 kbps

Please visit Speedtest to check your bandwidth speed.

Mobile Apps


MedBridge supports iOS version 11 and above.


MedBridge supports Lollipop/v5 and above. This translates to Android SDK level 21.

Computer Requirements

Computers must have a minimum of the following specifications:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom processor or newer
  • 4 GB of RAM or higher1024 X 768 pixels or higher.


Emails are delivered from SendGrid and Mailgun servers using a medbridgeed.com domain.


If an element fails to load there may be an issue with browser security settings.

The following domains need to be whitelisted to access MedBridge and its videos:

  • *.medbridgeeducation.com
  • *.medbridgeed.com
  • https://video-medbridge.akamaized.net/

The following IP addresses and domains need to be whitelisted to receive transactional emails from Mailgun and SendGrid:

  • mg.medbridgeed.com

The following Activecampaign IP addresses need to be whitelisted to receive email campaigns:


The following email addresses need to be whitelisted to receive email campaigns:

Video Specifications

Video resolutions for Desktop

  • 1280×720
  • 640×480
  • 320×240

Video resolutions for Mobile (iOs/Android)

  • Customizable

Video format

  • VP8 (the WebRTC standard)

Telehealth Additional Recommendations

  • Ensure a mic and camera are available on your hardware
  • Ensure your mic and camera are turned on within your browser settings
  • Use headsets with a microphone for improved sound quality and privacy
  • Use USB echo-canceling speakers for meeting room environments


Other considerations that could prohibit Telehealth functionality:

  • Virtualized environments (e.g. Citrix)
  • Virtualized EMRs
  • Older operating systems
  • Another individual using the internet on your network