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Seven Steps of Effective People Management

presented by Linda M. Shell, DNP, MA, RN

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The work environment of health care has dramatically changed over the last few years, with increasing amounts of turnover and lower levels of employee engagement. This evolving workplace generates increased stress and demands supervisors with high levels of people management skills--skills that not only engage employees but support the vision of the organization and positively impact customers. Many supervisors are experts in their fields of discipline but have not had education to support their success in a supervisory role. Gallup studies indicate that the working environment created by the supervisor is the most influential factor for an employee's decision to engage in the work or leave the organization (2017). This course will offer seven essential steps for supervisors that will assist in creating a positive work environment, engaging employees, and achieving quality outcomes for customers.

Meet Your Instructor

Linda M. Shell, DNP, MA, RN

Dr. Linda Shell is an advanced practice nurse, consultant, and educator with a passion for developing leaders, delivering quality care, and challenging the status quo of long-term care. As principal of, she collaborates with organizations on education, leadership development, building resilience, fall prevention, dementia programming, and sleep improvement. Dr. Shell has served on various…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Introduction to Management

This chapter will be an introduction to effective people management, and it will discuss the motivation behind learning good people management skills. There will be a practical scenario that serves as an example of what not to do in order to manage people effectively. There will also be an overview of what will be covered within the course.

2. Seven Steps of Effective People Management: Steps 1-3

This chapter will review steps one through three of the seven steps of effective people management, which includes setting clear expectations, providing technical details, and communicating openly. A practical scenario will demonstrate the first three steps of effective people management.

3. Seven Steps of Effective People Management: Steps 4-6

This chapter will review steps four through six of the seven steps of effective people management, which includes offering feedback and recognition, asking for input, and being informative. A practical scenario will demonstrate these steps of effective people management.

4. Final Step of Effective People Management: Care for Yourself

The final chapter will discuss the final step of effective people management: caring for yourself. The practical scenario in this chapter will show the conclusion of the one-on-one meeting that has been covered throughout the course – as well as illustrate the final step. There will also be a brief summary of what was taught in this course.

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