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Why Our Members Love MedBridge

"MedBridge is one of Pivot Physical Therapy's cornerstones for developing clinical excellence, providing patient education, and offering our patients a renaissance experience. MedBridge not only offers our clinicians a wide variety of high quality CE options, but also allows us to engage our patients through educational videos and HEP. MedBridge is so much more than just an online continuing education platform!"

Brian Hoy, PT, CMP, FMSC

Director of Clinical Operations, Director of Spine Care

"Patient access via MedBridge app helps keep the patient compliant and honest, which in turn helps them achieve their goals and return to function."

Chris Kegler, PT DPT

Northern Nevada Medical Center Rehab and Sports Medicine

"The high-quality presenters, ease of use of the app and Home Exercise Program make MedBridge a no-brainer. They are always adding more content and there is literally something for everyone."

Emily Maggio, M.A., CCC-SLP

McLaren Health Management Group

"I’m the therapist I am today because of MedBridge. MedBridge Education is best in class in online education with instructors who are experts in their fields. Their comprehensive courses analyze underlying conditions, provide evaluation guidelines with relevant standardized assessments, and translate that information into specific interventions for functional outcomes. What I appreciate most is that the instructors continuously bring the subject matter back to the most current evidence. As a result, I am delivering effective, evidence-based treatments that enable my patients to achieve their goals. MedBridge courses have definitely taken me to a higher level of practice."

Paula McElmeel, MOTRL, CSRS, CBIS

"MedBridge is an amazing organization that has served our clinicians with value-added education for improving physical therapy skill sets. I have found no other resource that comes close to delivering as much value as Medbridge. I am happy to see our profession has pioneers such like MedBridge to deliver the outcomes we desire to deliver. They save us in travel expenses, deliver an attractive learning forum, are mobile-friendly, and help us achieve our well-rounded continuing education goals. MedBridge is a must-have resource for any serious physical therapy clinic."

Bryan Wright, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT, OCS

CEO, Wright Physical Therapy

"I love the ease of the medium. I'm able to listen to it in the car while going to work. The topics are pretty wide in scope. The fact that it's accessible through my phone makes it simpler to get smarter and brag about it to my friends."

Daniel Marrufo, MS, CCC-SLP


"I love how easy it is to access CEUs and information - right on my phone! The quality of information, resources, and videos is also superb!"

Heidi Henderson, MS, CCC-SLP

MercyOne - Clinton

"I love that at any time of day, no matter the subject I'm interested in, I can log-in from anywhere and learn on the go. Whether it's for general interest or to fulfill my CEU credits, I know MedBridge has what I am looking for. Even more helpful from a patient care standpoint is the availability of creating a customized HEP with visual assistance to ensure proper form. The fact that they can check off the exercises as they complete them is fantastic. Our patients and athletes love it. It's AWESOME!"

Kristen Kelleher, ATC

Professional Physical Therapy

"MedBridge provides many different opportunities to educate ourselves, our patients, and each other. The exercise videos remind patients on a consistent basis about their HEP. The continuing education opportunities are endless. It has helped me specialize and grow my practice with the use of specific education. I would highly recommend this product."

Elliot Mattingly, PT, DPT, OCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy

"MedBridge has provided me with access to courses and knowledge I never would have explored on my own! It has been a wonderful resource to refer to as I navigate the medical world as a new graduate."

Andrea Braica, MS CCC-SLP

TouchPoints Therapy

"MedBridge is by far the best and easiest continuing education program to use. I live in China, so it is super convenient to do my CEUs from abroad. As an ortho/sports-medicine physiologist, the content is from most of the industry leaders and better than any continuing education course platform. Plus, you can learn at your own pace!"

Roger Zhao, DPT, CSCS

Genesis Rehab Services

"Quick access to AMAZING patient education, HEP videos, and easy to get ALL ages to complete their HEP due to incredible access! Not to mention endless continuing education ideas!"

Kristen Schulz PT

Big Stone Therapies, Inc

"MedBridge provides quality courses for my continuing education in geriatric nursing. Their videos combine the benefits of in-person training with the convenience of online training. I can take the courses in my own time and at my own pace, and their mobile app allows me to take the courses wherever I want."

Alicia Jancola, RN, BSN

Ida Culver Health Care Center

"I love the convenience of the app, I can take a course pretty much anywhere and at any time. I enjoy the wide selection of dysphagia and memory courses! "

Carrie Almeter, CF-SLP

Ensign-South Mountain Post Acute

"MedBridge produces quality content that was very helpful with studying for my OCS exam. I will continue to trust MedBridge in the future for continuing education for me and my students."

Harvey Brockman, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT


"MedBridge has an amazing choice of courses from voice to childhood language to dysphagia with all of the leading research experts in the field. It's easy to learn from and cheaper than a textbook!"

Laurel Directo, Student

USC Voice Center

"We use the online continuing education courses provided by our university and love the organization and convenience of the product!"

Danielle Eustace, SPT

Campbell University

"A true differentiator in educational opportunities and home exercise programming for our field athletic trainers! A great partnership between Athletico-MedBridge! "

Jason Bannack, MS, ATC, ITAT

Athletico Physical Therapy

"I use the educational handouts about swallowing disorders on my inpatient rehab at least a couple times every week, and I love the access to CEUs that isn't time- or date-specific. "

Sarah Kenney, MS, CCC-SLP

HCR ManorCare

"With MedBridge's online courses, I can watch CE videos while working out in the morning, during cancellations, and even in the evening. I love the quality of the videos, and I always learn something new, even after practicing for five years! The home exercise program builder is fantastic, and my patients are impressed that they have access to their own personal routine, which grows and changes with them as they progress. MedBridge’s HEP is personal, and the videos help the patients so much compared to non-interactive handouts."

Tara Morris, MOT, OTR/L, CLT

Carilion Clinic

“MedBridge is truly an all-in-one solution for our clinicians—from continuing education and compliance to expansive patient engagement tools. Since implementing MedBridge, we have been able to save time, improve our efficiency, and increase our patient adherence with the Home Exercise Program. Our clinicians and patients love it! MedBridge is easy to use and provides a great way for our clinicians to learn new things and stay up to date on the latest evidence. MedBridge is the future for clinical education and patient engagement!”

Kenneth Rutkowski, PT, Cert. MDT, COMT

Highline Physical Therapy - Burien

“I love MedBridge! The courses are engaging and very educational, and the instructors are experts in their fields. Not only do you hear the evidence behind strategies and best practices, but you also get to see how to apply them with real patients.”

Mike Couch, RN, BSN

Seattle Veteran’s Administration

“I have been a MedBridge subscribers for the last 4 years. The utility of the patient education program and patient app is excellent! I cannot say enough great things about the course and the MedBridge educators. I will continue to subscribe both for continued education and to improve my patient engagement.”

Charlene Challenger-Smith, PT, ATC, Board Certified in Sports Physical Therapy

Northern Nevada Medical Center-UHS

“I love the patient portal and MedBridge GO app, where my athletes can easily access their programs. I also love the CEU courses that I can easily access at any time. I have maintained all of my BOC-EBP CEU requirements through MedBridge.”

Monica Lorenzo, MS, ATC, CES

Madison Square Garden

“MedBridge offers a variety of online courses with ease of completion in a timely manner for CEUs. Best practice for OT courses.”

Michelle Baun, OTR/L

Majestic Oaks Nursing & Rehab

As a recruiter, it's such a great benefit to be able to say we offer our employees a MedBridge subscription. Potential therapists are always very excited to know we offer it, and it makes my job way easier!"

Andrew Treinen

Big Stone Therapies, Inc.

"I love that MedBridge is always improving their site, such as redesigning the CEU Tracker tool to allow tracking progress requirements for individual licenses. This helps greatly, especially as a traveling therapist with multiple licenses, and it's nice knowing that they are already on top of this exciting update. It definitely makes my life easier. Every time I think of something that would be nice to have, they are already working on it. Hopefully my company will cover the cost because I love it and use it every day!"

Phil Scalise, DPT, CSCS

Delta Healthcare Providers

"MedBridge has been a tool I cannot live without as a travelling physical therapist. The multi-functional aspect of a user-friendly HEP and CEU tracker and access to high-quality courses have made it a one-stop shop for me. I recently completed all three courses by Adriaan Louw, which has given new life to my clinical practice. I would and have recommended MedBridge to my fellow colleagues."

Stephanie Hine, PT, DPT, COMT

Travel Physical Therapist

"MedBridge is hands down the best online education resource available. It provides extremely clinically relevant, well-presented information from top-notch educators bundled with the ease of portability. I've used the site for both clinicians and patients alike, and all have found it useful. Given the price for unlimited access to excellent, association-approved continuing education materials, accessible anywhere, it's hard to understand why one wouldn’t take advantage."

David Boman, OTR/L, MBA

"MedBridge makes continuing education and compliance training fun! The compliance training puts you on the spot with real-life scenarios, and the courses make the strategies come to life with real patient demonstrations."

Stephanie Peterson, RN, BSN

Swedish Medical Center

"I use this daily for patient education videos and handouts. The navigation is very easy and highly beneficial to patients. I also use the CEU component that is right at my fingertips. The user can pause a CEU and come back to it later to finish and is in our state pre-approved. "

Brian Mills, MOTR/L, IFE, CHT

The University of Kansas Health System Sports Medicine

"I have been using MedBridge for two years now, and I am so happy with it. It has the best HEP I have ever used in the past 25 years of my practice. The organization, layout, and content are excellent!! Overall, the website has a wealth of information that I have only begun to tap into. Of particular importance is the thorough and relevant special tests section as well as the large selection of online CEUs that you can access at any time, wherever you are."

Jon Aguirre, PT, MPT, OCS

"I love that MedBridge offers a variety of different courses. Occupational therapy is a fluid career, and no matter what type of client I'm serving, there is something to help me with them on MedBridge. It was super helpful when I was working as a contract therapist and couldn't make it to in-person classes."

Sara Santo, M.Ed., OTR/L

Jefferson County Public Schools

For students and new graduates, I highly recommend MedBridge, especially for those on clinical rotation. The speakers are at the top of the field and break down the evaluation process in an easily digestible way. Between the CEUs, HEPs, and the variety of the courses, I believe MedBridge will soon become a standard in all clinics and classrooms."

Marc Luko, PT, DPT, CSCS

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

"MedBridge is a great tool for practitioners to provide to patients and their caregivers for education, symptom management, preventive care, and exercise programs. It's simple and easy to use for any practitioner in any setting. The videos are especially effective for reinforcement."

Quynh Nguyen, MSOT

University of California San Francisco Medical Center

"We use MedBridge Education a couple of different ways. First, the education that our sports medicine staff gains from the online learning, on our schedule, is invaluable! Additionally, we use the Home Exercise Program because we can quickly create a HEP to send with kids. We can print these or email them to parents. This helps with accountability as we assign ‘homework’ for the kids!"

Mike Hopper, MS, ATC

Head Athletic Trainer at Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas, TX

"MedBridge is amazing! I have been in physical therapy practice for more than 25 years, and I have never experienced more convenient and immediate access to so many valuable services: continuing education complete with live webinars and certificate programs, patient education including instructional videos, home programs that demonstrate the exercises from start to finish, and a comprehensive library of manual techniques. MedBridge is a physical therapist's dream come true! My only concern is that I might find it difficult to 'sign off.’"

Janet Caputo, PT, DPT

ProCare Physical Therapy

"I love how MedBridge focuses on visual learning! This helps me apply my education without guessing on my end and on my patients’ end. It is easy to pick CEUs that I am interested in and complete them on my own time!"

Ashley Hudson, MK, LAT, ATC

Boise State University

"The MedBridge HEP search bar and patient educational videos are some of my favorite clinical tools. I've used them daily for three years. They save me time without sacrificing quality care. I appreciate how MedBridge keeps increasing the value of their product every year, both with their educational offerings and their practice tools."

Matt Meyer, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT

Kaiser Permanente

"As a new therapist, I love having access to a diverse bank of continuing education courses. When faced with a new diagnosis or the need to meet evidence-based treatment principles, I often turn to MedBridge for guidance. In addition, the Home Exercise Program allows me to create customized activities for my patients to continue after they have left."

Jennifer Kaspar, OTR/L

Inpatient Rehabilitation in Albuquerque

"The instructors on many CEU presentation videos are names well known in the field and recognized experts in their respective interest areas. The site is extremely user friendly and intuitive. The information is broken into chapters that are easy to sit through and ‘digest.’ The audio and video are studio quality, at least in the handful of courses I have completed so far. The iPhone app also provides great utility and value. The courses I have completed so far were primarily streamed at home from my phone through my TV set. To say I am delighted with the MedBridge site and content would be an understatement. On behalf of myself and my therapy staff here at Silvercreek Manor in San Antonio—our sincere gratitude and appreciation for providing this tremendous resource."

Cristian S. Olivares, PT

Rehab Program Manager

"As a pelvic physio who lives in a remote area of BC, Canada, I am often the only one in our area doing the educating! It’s a challenge—so how wonderful is it to snuggle down with my laptop and receive education thanks to you. I can’t remember the number of courses that I’ve completed or that I am currently in the process of enjoying, but I SO appreciate you!"

Joanne Gailius, BSR, PT/OT

Full Circle Physiotherapy at Full Circle Health Centre

"I use MedBridge to improve my practice by utilizing the SCS study materials and HEP to improve the patient education aspect of my practice. Now that I have integrated MedBridge’s patient education material into my practice, it is so much easier and more efficient. I would recommend MedBridge to my friends because it's extremely user friendly, clinically relevant, and up to date. It's a reliable software that is produced very professionally."

Pai Defaii, PT, DPT, MS-HCA, MS


"I have really enjoyed the MedBridge experience. I have completed several CEUs and the knowledgeable presenters have provided valuable information to my current practice in Speech Language Pathology."

Jenna L. Winters, MA, CCC-SLP

Highland District Hospital

"MedBridge offers a diversity of courses and mobile components for a busy lifestyle. I really appreciate how the resources and support are available at any time."

Jennifer Revolinsky, MS, OTR/L

Fox Rehabilitation

"I have been using MedBridge for a few years and find its wealth of information clinically relevant and evidence up to date. From learning from some of the top clinicians and educators in the country to preparing for board specialty exams, it provides instant access at any time through its website platform as well as its app. Whatever your interest, from general to specific, MedBridge is continually adding to its library of knowledge."

Dr. Laura Culp Elliott, PT, DPT

Healthwise Physical Therapy

"As a practitioner for the past nine years, I have been to dozens of continuing education courses and spent thousands of dollars on registration, travel, and time off. MedBridge is BY FAR the MOST valuable and convenient way to access continuing education within our profession. A wide variety of course topics are available and provided by some of the profession's best instructors. I absolutely love it and encourage other PTs and PTAs to join MedBridge. You will not be disappointed!"

John Tyschyk, PT, DPT, CSCS

Solex Physical Therapy Naples, FL

"I love that I have multiple education courses available at my fingertips that include my specialties of adult neurology and pediatrics as well as a library of home exercises I can use that feature up-to-date technology and professionalism."

Linda New, OTR/L

Adena Health System

"MedBridge is fabulous. I especially love the easy access to evidence-based instruction in manual therapy as well as the flexibility of attending courses on my schedule. I have recommended it to many other PTs and always receive great feedback. The value for the cost is unbeatable. I highly recommend MedBridge to PTs and clinics who want to take their skills and clinical outcomes to the next level!"

Jessica Seaburg, PT, DPT

Freestone Rehabilitation

"You guys are rocking the continuing education world! Love MedBridge and all that it has to offer. Thanks!!"

Katie Holterman, M.S. CCC-SLP, BCS-S

Care One

"MedBridge has a wonderful website, a great selection of courses, and HEP that is well developed. Many of the CEU classes are board approved. I have been using it for over a year, and I am very satisfied."

Bozena Mrozek, PT

Deer Creek of Wimberley / Sava Senior Care

"MedBridge is easy to use, and the instructors are great! It’s a great resource for new and experienced clinicians."

Adam Roggia, PT,DPT,MS,OCS

Oasis Physical Therapy

"I love MedBridge because it allows me to browse different education programs at my own pace and to learn about other subjects other than my primary focus of pelvic health. This allows me to keep abreast of current research in various areas of PT."

Susan Giglio, PT

BR General OP Clinic Pelvic Health and Lympdema Center

"I love MedBridge because the education offered is current, there is a wide variety of topics from which to choose, and it's SUPER convenient! Thank you for offering such comprehensive continuing education choices!"

Carla Brown, MSP, CCC-SLP

SLP Services, Inc.

"I love the interactive presentation of MedBridge's compliance courses. It engages the participant in a way traditional courses do not. The information is concise and presented in a format that allows the user to comprehend one area of HIPAA before moving on to the next."

Tiffany Warden-Lewis

Compliance Office/Risk Manager
Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

"I was able to sign up for a year membership with unlimited access to CEUs at a very reasonable cost. I am so excited to complete my CEUs online to help me to become a Certified Professional Yoga Therapist! Thank you again!"

Kathleen McFeeters, OTR/L

Maui, HI

"I love MedBridge because it saves me endless time and effort. Providing patients with a comprehensive HEP takes just a few minutes. I no longer need to sort through hundreds of exercises in our old pre-set HEP or, worse, draw my own exercises. I love that I get weekly emails, which highlight different techniques or concepts I should be doing. I don't need to sit for hours looking at possibly beneficial research. I can read the blog and watch CEUs in between patients on slower days at the office. Overall, I am a happy customer, and I recommend MedBridge whenever I have the chance."

Melissa Weaver, PT

Alliance Physical Therapy

"We use MedBridge in the OTA program at Salt Lake Community College. Their continuing education courses allow us to use videos with the most up-to-date content to give our students the most current education. My favorite instructor is Teepa Snow. All her courses are great."

Gabe Byars, OTR/L

Salt Lake Community College

"This is the first time I have used MedBridge after three years of practicing. I cannot say enough wonderful things about it! It's the best website I have seen for PTs. The HEP/Patient Education is seamless. I have not only increased adherence by giving HEP to my patients, but my patients are also more engaged in their treatment sessions. The CEU videos are very well put together, and the speakers are well-credentialed. I am looking forward to using the OCS prep track. Well done, MedBridge!"

April Brown, PT, DPT, MSCI

"The MedBridge platform is very detailed and highly customizable. It's appropriate for most patients, diagnoses, and HEPs. The patient education materials are appropriate for patients with varied learning styles and learning abilities. Not to mention, they save me a lot of time! Their comprehensive platform enables clinicians to administer the patient education piece of rehabilitation, which is so critical to success, and their continuing education courses include a significant amount of clinical content for professional advancement."

Mona Fazzina, PT, DPT, GCS, CEEAA

Rehab Associates of Central Virginia

"The MedBridge platform is extremely easy to use, patient friendly, has a beautiful web design, and allows for easy copying and pasting into the EMR. My favorite part is how I can include my patients’ plans in my digital notes!"

Brittney Moreis, OTR


"MedBridge feels like a miracle. We used to have three huge cabinets with drawers upon drawers of patient education and reference materials that could be up to 30 years old. MedBridge's material is such a good resource that we have been able to shred all of our outdated documents and add two new desks to our office."

Garrett Estenson, PT, DPT, MBA

Director of Rehabilitation Services, FirstLight Health System

"The courses are so easy to use and offer many different types of information. The geriatric knowledge courses were crucial in the passing of my GCS!"

Erin Thomas, PT, DPT, GCS

Fox Rehabilitation

"I have found the content to be very interesting and enjoyable. I plan to take advantage of the remaining CEs I have with Medbridge to get an early start on the next reporting period."

Dan Rackovan, ATC, LAT

"I've been studying for the SCS exam and have found the MedBridge prep program to be extremely beneficial. In addition to the courses, the learning assessments have been extraordinarily helpful, allowing me to hone in on topics I really need to work on."

Bob Cochrane, PT, DPT, CSCS

OA Centers for Orthopaedics

"MedBridge has been critical in providing high quality patient education videos and handouts to my patients and athletes. It’s amazing to be able to quickly show the client an educational video that is very informative and engaging. I can clearly see the patient’s appreciation when I provide visuals with easy-to-understand descriptions of their injury or condition. It's almost as if a light bulb goes off in their head. The Patient Education library is easily one of the best tools included in the MedBridge subscription."

Kur Sohn, PT, DPT, OCS, FMSC

Owner, VeloFit Bike Physio LLC

"Having multiple resources within one site is amazing. The educational topics are relevant, current, and evidence-based. The HEP builder is very user-friendly. I am able to search by body part or condition as well as add in informational sheets about the patient's condition. The patients have loved the informational handouts as well as the well-described and photographed exercises and stretches. Definitely a great product."

Emily Dietz, MSAT, LAT, ATC

ATI Physical Therapy

"MedBridge is the best bang-for-your-buck CE provider around."

Nate Mosher, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS

Thomas Nicolla Physical Therapy

"I use MedBridge daily. It is a huge part of my patient care and professional development. Their exercise library is extremely easy to use and continually growing, which is my favorite part. If you can't find exercises you use, their staff is very receptive to adding them to their library. The continuing education is second to none as you have an opportunity to learn from some of the best clinicians in the country. MedBridge has played a pivotal part in my continuing growth and development as a young health care provider."

Brett Burton, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS

"I love MedBridge because the HEP videos and Patient Education really help my clients understand their injury and how to treat it."

Arthur Robinson, MEd, ATC, LMT, CCT

Custom Kneads Massage

"With MedBridge's online CEUs, I can begin a partial course on one day in my free time and finish it on another day. The courses contain lots of variety and very strong applicable presentations."

Nancy Ranft, OTD, OTR/L

The Sage Colleges

"My MedBridge subscription has helped me tremendously as a new physical therapist. The courses and content fill in the educational gaps left during life after graduate school, and the Patient Education and Home Exercise Program features are the perfect fit to deliver well-designed, customized programs to my patients. It's incredible to have a resource like this as I start my career, and I can't wait to dig deeper into what the MedBridge subscription has to offer!"

Seth King, PT, DPT, CSCS

Physical Therapist at Team Rehabilitation-Rochester Hills, MI

"I trust MedBridge to offer me interesting, high-quality courses that are timely and relevant to my everyday experiences."

Julie Wring, MA, CCC-SLP


"Awesome technology combined with world-class speakers and topics—absolutely no excuse for skipping professional improvement!"

Lawrence Ramiscal, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC, COMT, FAAOMPT, USAW, CF-L1

"Lenny Macrina’s courses are clinical game changers. He discusses evidence-based literature as well as his own extensive experience pertaining to overhead athletes and shoulder rehabilitation. The takeaway from his courses is a clear and applicable approach for effectively and efficiently managing shoulder injuries within a wide spectrum of patient populations, not just overhead athletes."

Adam Reece, MS, PT, DPT, CSCS

"MedBridge has allowed us to tap into learner-centered continuing education. One of the things that I like best about MedBridge is the responsiveness to feedback. You don’t just discuss it at a meeting and file it away. You actually take action."

Brenda Stover, BS, RTR

Clinical Educator at Lancaster General Health

"Just when I thought MedBridge couldn't get any better, they put out an SCS prep program! MedBridge offers a cost-effective portal to high-quality courses offered by the leaders of the industry. Every physical therapy student should be enrolled in MedBridge!!!"

Domenick Russolello, SPT

Daemen College, Doctor of Physical Therapy Student

"Utilizing MedBridge while still in school gave me the confidence to hit the ground running as a new clinician upon graduation. The courses were a tremendous supplement to my education in the classroom. Having access to such a wide variety of up-to-date courses at a click of a button has already been, and will continue to be, a game changer for my career. I highly recommend a subscription to MedBridge for every DPT student and clinician."

Trent Salo, PT, DPT, MS, CSCS

"I originally subscribed to MedBridge for the high quality and ease of earning CEUs, but I have been equally impressed with the many new and improved features. My patients appreciate the print and video availability of the Home Exercise Program and the Patient Education library. I use these in addition to the orthopedic examination and manual therapy techniques videos, both personally and as an adjunct faculty member with my students. I was also thrilled to see the collaboration between MedBridge and FOTO as I have used them to identify and progress my areas of interest and my weaknesses. Both have greatly contributed to my professional growth and changed the way I practice!"

Matt Harris, PT, ATC

"MedBridge is a great continuing education website. I am able to take courses at my own convenience, stopping, starting, and even reviewing at my leisure. There are so many courses to choose from! Taking courses most relevant to my area of practice and my patients really increases the quality of care I provide. Thank you for always updating the courses and providing relevant information for all areas of practice!"

Heather Wesson, OTR/L

"Medbridge provides excellent courses that can be completed at my own pace. Now I can obtain CEUs around work hours and during my lunch break!"

Colby Neubauer, MOTR/L

"I feel we have an excellent grasp on how to get the most out of our partnership with Medbridge. They have definitely fulfilled their part of the agreement with the excellent variety of courses! I personally feel that every PT school should have Jim Glinn, Sr. and Jr.’s “The Patient Experience: Creating Fans for Life” as a mandatory part of their curriculum."

Nicholas Doeling, PT, DPT, OCS

Big Stone Therapies Marshall, LLC.

"I recently created a home program for a patient who was in need of several unconventional exercises. The uploadable customized exercises tool worked great! I was able to upload four very specific exercises with photos both easily and efficiently to create exactly what I needed."

Allison Wright, DPT

CHI Franciscan Health

"Thank you so much for such marvelous work that you all are doing with the MedBridge portal. I'm truly addicted to it. It has been a game changer for me."

Maciej Jablonski, MSc, PT, MT

"This afternoon, I took Teepa Snow's course on communicating with someone with dementia. I was extremely moved by her information. Her course opened my mind and made me want to work with patients with dementia. I don't think I could say this about any other course I’ve taken for a long, long time."

Sharon Lieser, PT

"MedBridge has allowed me, as a DPT student, to fine tune my critical thinking and clinical skills while I’m still in school. What I like the most is that the courses are quite different from classroom lectures—each module is less than 30 minutes long and contains clinical scenarios to test your learning. Self-learning is a HUGE part of physical therapy education, and MedBridge has made it so much easier for me to find quality evidence-based learning materials all in one place! I look forward to using MedBridge beyond my transition to emerging professional."

TJ Janicky, SPT

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

"My co-workers and I have found MedBridge to be a good adjunct to taking in-person classes, and we enjoy the ever-expanding variety of titles. Keep up the innovation."

Ingrid Sparrow, PT, MPT, CMPT

Sound Physical Therapy

"I have been extremely pleased with my MedBridge subscription. Being able to get all of my ATC CEUs in one place, especially the EBP courses, has relieved a lot of stress!"

Charlotte Booth, BS, ATC, CSCS

Director of Clinical Programming, M.O.G National

"The dysphagia course I viewed, ‘The Normal Swallow,’ has proven to be a useful resource in my particular setting. It was a great refresher on what's normal for different diagnoses and age groups and featured other important information as well, such as labs. Thanks for providing an avenue for learning that's both convenient and informative!"

Michele Morton, MS, CCC/SLP

Speech Language Pathologist Team Leader
Trinity Mother Frances / Healthsouth Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital

"This is one of the best courses I have ever taken. I’ve learned more from Dr. Louw in a couple of hours than in much of my first years of PT school."

Michael Heinrich, DPT

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

"MedBridge has a great variety of courses, many of which are applicable to OTs and Hand Therapists."

Janet Sanders, OTR/L, CHT

Sanders Hand Therapy, Owner

"As a board certified chiropractic orthopedist, I think MedBridge is FANTASTIC! MedBridge is like eating slightly soft chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream on a Sunday afternoon in the shade of a 300-year-old oak tree while watching children play with a new puppy dog. I LOVE IT!"

Phil Van Campen, DC, FACO, DABCO

"The Exercise Library is a terrific tool for sharing programs with colleagues. Thank you for such a great resource!"

Mary Jane Preston, PT, MS

FOX Rehabilitation

"After 32 years of being a PT, Adriaan Louw's courses changed my clinical practice. The day I took his first course, it helped me treat ten of my patients. Every clinician should take his courses and apply his principles to every single one of their patients."

Jackie Shakar, DPT, MS, OCS, LAT, CMT

Graston Technique® Instructor

"Our company is thrilled with MedBridge. It's a great resource with so many options all in one program, right at our fingertips."

Matthew Smith, PT, DPT, OCS, CMPT, Cert. MDT, CSMT

Chief Practice Officer
RehabAuthority Physical Therapy LLC

"Adriaan Louw's MedBridge course on understanding pain is maybe the most important thing I've learned since becoming a PT. Even for a new grad, his course provides revolutionary updates to the pain curriculum that benefit the numerous and often misunderstood patients as well as the clinicians who treat them."

Robert Precht, PT, DPT

"MedBridge is an excellent tool for therapists as it provides clear connection between information and practical application."

Elizabeth Steffen, SLP


"Between operating a solo physio practice and a busy family life, there isn't much time left to take weekend courses (aside from the fact that in-person courses range from $450 to $900 each). On the other hand, I love what I do, and I am always looking to evolve as a therapist. I enjoy listening and learning from the trail blazers of our profession and dislike being surprised with trends or approaches that I wasn't aware of. This is where MedBridge comes into the picture; I get to watch all the leading figures of our profession in comfort and at the time of my choosing for a fraction of the price it would cost me to see them live. I love my subscription, and I love what you guys at MedBridge are doing. Keep up the fantastic work."

Daniel Lahav, BEd Phys Ed and Sport Science, BSc Physiotherapy

Mayfair Wellness, Toronto, Canada

"Our subscription just started and I've already completed one excellent course and am working on a second now!"

Kris Costello, PT

Pelvic Floor Specialty

"I am loving my MedBridge subscription. Being able to complete a segment of a course whenever I have a little time is ideal. I retain more from online courses because I can pause whenever there is a distraction or if I simply find I’m losing concentration and need to take a break. It’s also great to be able to go back and review a section if I have a question or want to focus on something very specific."

James Bannister, PT

Owner/Director, Active Balance Rehab

"MedBridge is awesome!!!!!!!"

James Bor, PT, DScPT, OCS

Clinic Director, AccelAbility Physical Therapy, Inc.

"Great information! I'm impressed with the attention to my questions and the time it took to provide specific references. I'm completely sold on MedBridge. Wonderful attention to detail."

Gerri Giovanniello, MSPT

Pro Med Rehab, Austin, TX

"MedBridge has far exceeded the educational aspects that I expected from an online CEU company. The speakers are amazing names well-known in the profession, and the topics are very applicable to modern practice. The added features like Patient Education and HEP make this one of the best all-around values for your educational dollars."

Sean Bagbey, PTA, MHA, ATC, CIRS

"Although I was skeptical in the beginning about MedBridge being limited in a "hands-on" approach to learning, I've been pleasantly surprised to find that the classes are immediately useful and practical to my practice. I appreciate the self-directedness and self-timing that the online classes provide."

Kristin Szabadi, MSPT, CMPT

Highline Physical Therapy

"I work in a rural setting, which means that I have a very diverse treatment population. I recently had a patient come in with reports of dizziness with a diagnosis from the physician of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). I did the techniques that I had used in the past but had minimal results. I then saw the course on BPPV by Jeff Walter and decided to take to the course to refresh my techniques. It was through this course that I was able to adjust my techniques and improve my mechanics during the treatment. The patient did not resolve, and with further study, I realized that the patient was showing an atypical response and needed further testing from the physician. I am grateful for the quick training I am able to receive through MedBridge to improve patient outcomes and get them back to living. Thank you for the training and support you provide."

Ben Larsen, PT

"LOVE MedBridge...All of the courses I have taken were presented in a well-designed, concise-but-informational, and research-based fashion. The courses were useful for the continuing education requirements of both my ATC and PT credentials, and I literally used the evaluation, assessment, and treatment concepts in the clinic the next day!"

Becky Lee, MSPT, ATC

Ridgeview Medical Center, Rehab Specialties

"MedBridge has the highest quality online courses available taught by nationally recognized instructors."

Brooke Nelson-Mangum, MS, OTR/L

"MedBridge was an obvious choice to elevate our level of education. The availability of quality programs, visual images, and access to the best educators both nationally and internationally will help make us the premier provider of outstanding evidence-based physical therapy services.”

Drew Jenk, PT, DPT

Regional Clinical Director, Sports Physical Therapy of New York

"MedBridge has been a great asset to my practice, allowing me to quickly access a wide variety of topics from expert clinicians and world-class researchers. I have been able to take the information and apply it immediately to improve the quality of my patient care. MedBridge's education platform gives me confidence to make meaningful changes in my practice."

John Kiesel, PT, DPT

Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy

"MedBridge is a fantastic way to learn from very knowledgeable people in the profession. I have licenses in four states, so MedBridge is not only economical and convenient, but it also enables me to satisfy requirements specific to each state. I highly recommend it."

Marjorie Weigel, PT

Owner, Associated Physical Therapists

"I decided to go with MedBridge because I have therapists with a wide range of knowledge levels. Some of the therapists have been working for ten years, some for five years, and three are new graduates. I wanted to establish a baseline level of knowledge for everyone, and then if I hire a new employee, they will go through the same Knowledge Track."

Kimberlee Sullivan, PT, DPT, WCS, BCB-PMD

Owner, Sullivan Physical Therapy

"I just finished several of Dr. Carrie Ciro's MedBridge courses about evidence-based interventions for patients with dementia. Dr. Ciro applies the concepts of motor learning and task-oriented training to interventions by focusing on the patients' procedural memory. It just makes sense! It is very exciting to think about neuroplasticity and dementia and to have a skilled intervention that can be useful for our patients in SNF/LTC. Thank you, Dr. Ciro and MedBridge!"

S. Nell Evans, MOT, OTR

"After having taken both of Jack Stagge's courses, The Upper Quarter Pain Puzzle: Peripheral Neuropathic Syndromes in Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Patients and Beyond The Slump Test: Peripheral Neuropathic Syndromes in Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Patients - Lower Quarter , I can honestly say that he has changed the way I practice. He completely de-mystified an area (neuropathic pain syndromes) that has puzzled me for years. I no longer feel like there are any 'missing pieces' in the way I approach patient care. I already have and continue to recommend his courses to any and all PTs I know. I'm most impressed!"

Alessandro Antonini, PT, DPT, CIMT, FAAOMPT

Co-owner, Mid-Atlantic Manual Therapy Consultants

“Our clinic could not be happier with MedBridge. We use it as an integral part of our in-house mentorship program to help our clinicians improve their skills and streamline the on-boarding process for young therapists. The coursework is excellent, and the management tools allow us to assign personalized courses to help each clinician develop specializations and continue to grow professionally.”

Amy Lee, MPT, OCS

Physical Therapy Central

"I am so glad we renewed. I study something on MedBridge at least every other week. Money well-spent, and my patients are the beneficiaries."

Katie Beckham, PT

West Houston Medical Center and Woman’s Hospital of Texas

"I love the feature of being able to replay videos over and over and review the best slides. It’s perfect to really drill in and learn what you’re looking for. I also enjoy the resource link for special tests and that they send some to you via email to keep you on point for review and spark interest in looking up other tests. Recently started using the 3D feature, which will be really helpful to share with patients for anatomy education… truly a 'bridge' for learning in our technical age."

Kathy Golic, PT

Overlake Medical Center

"MedBridge provides diverse educational content that is applicable to the most senior of clinicians as well as new graduates. As a senior manager, I can monitor our clinicians' engagement with the educational content as well as coach areas for future self-development. By assessing our clinical outcomes data and identifying areas where clinicians may want to focus their continuing education energy, we can create specific recommendations for classes to be completed in order to increase their clinical toolbox and, ultimately, continue to positively influence our patient outcomes. MedBridge has created a cost-effective and quality educational platform that is the future of online education for clinicians."

Grant R. Koster, PT, ATC, FACHE

Vice President of Clinical Operations, Athletico Physical Therapy

"I have found MedBridge to be a great adjunct to my ‘learning library.’ I simply can't beat the convenience of these courses. There is excellent and relevant information that is pertinent to my practice, and I am able to implement it immediately. MedBridge offers an excellent value to my patients and me!"

Jeffrey Blanchard, PT, MS

Director of Physical Therapy, Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy

"I love MedBridge and have used it for two years now. It is so convenient and easy to do when you have time. I like the video component; it keeps me awake and focused as opposed to just looking at a slide PowerPoint presentation. I love the fact that I can review the course at any time, as I forget stuff!! I also really like the 3D library for patient education and hope more will be added to this. Thanks for a great service."

Henriette Bruun, PT

"MedBridge has greatly enhanced our access to evidence-based treatments and evaluation techniques. The Knowledge Track feature has become an integral piece of our employee development process and allows for improved standardization of our therapists’ core competencies. The online format is much more time effective than attending a weekend course, and I am still able to practice the hands-on techniques in the clinic. Overall, partnering with MedBridge has allowed us to create a culture of learning within our company that we were previously unable to attain with traditional coursework."

Zach Steele, PT, DPT, OCS

Outpatient Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services

"The online format has allowed all of our locations to complete the same content without travel time or time out of the clinic. This enables our company to provide improved standard of care and consistency of service, and also decreases practice variations that are not evidence-based. We complete one course a month and then follow up with a hands-on lab and discussion. Prior to MedBridge, there would be no way we could have afforded twelve courses a year for our therapists. Our staff loves the courses/instructors, and they are applying what they learn with their patients in clinic."

Bridgit Finley, PT, DPT, OCS

CEO, Physical Therapy Central

"Thank you all at MedBridge for providing us with courses to improve our skills. It's hard for us to get courses in Yemen, but you bring us the best courses with the best instructors."

Salah Saaed, Physiotherapist, Spine Therapist, Sports Injury Specialist

Orthopedic Specialty Clinic, Saudi Arabia

"Having a MedBridge subscription has been excellent. I take a course every few weeks and then present it to our other therapists as part of our weekly education meetings. I feel that this consistent and focused review as a clinic has served to improve our evidence-based standard of patient care. I also find the pathoanatomical videos helpful for patient education."

Josiah Faville PT, DPT, OCS

Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy