Low Back Pain Patient Engagement

MedBridge's Patient Care Platform increases patient engagement both in and out of the clinic. With our educational materials and home exercise programs, you can help your patients better understand their condition and engage them in their recovery - ultimately promoting better outcomes. Below, see how you can use Patient Education and HEP with a patient experiencing low back pain.

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Video Preview: Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a common condition that can make everyday activities painful and difficult. Fortunately, most back pain will resolve on its own in four to six weeks with good self care. Encouraging patients to keep a positive outlook and to complete daily physical activity may help reduce low back pain and keep the supporting muscles of the spine flexible and strong.1,2

Featured Exercises for Low Back Pain

Patients with low back pain should return to regular daily activities as soon as possible. Providing stretching and strengthening exercises that instill confidence to move can help patients reduce their pain and improve function in the long term.

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Supine Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Supine Transversus Abdominis Bracing

Supine Single Knee to Chest Stretch