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Preschool Language Part Two: Assessment and Intervention

presented by Anne van Kleeck, PhD, CCC-SLP

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This course further defines academic talk and executive functions, including discussion of subskills for each. Participants will be introduced to the emotional and cognitive executive functions, including emotional self-regulation, theory of mind, cognitive flexibility, inhibition, and working memory. There will be discussion of the social interactive subareas and the cognitive features of academic talk. Participants will also learn about possible strategies for assessment and intervention of each sub-skill of academic talk and executive functions.

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Anne van Kleeck, PhD, CCC-SLP

Anne van Kleeck, PhD, CCC-SLP, is a Professor and Callier Research Scholar at the Callier Center for Communication Disorders in the School of Behavioral and Brain Science at the University of Texas in Dallas. She has taught courses and guided student research on children's language development and language impairments for several decades. Anne's research focuses…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Subareas of Executive Functions

This chapter describes the emotional executive function subskills of emotional self-regulation and theory of mind as well as the cognitive executive function subskills of cognitive flexibility, inhibition, and working memory. Participants will learn definitions as well as assessment and treatment ideas for each executive function subarea.

2. Social Interactive Subareas of Academic Talk

This chapter describes the social interactive subareas of academic talk, including degree of autonomy encouraged, nature of verbal display, topic participation, and degree of formality. Participants are introduced to assessment and intervention ideas for each academic talk subarea, and we'll have a brief discussion.

3. Subareas of Cognitive Features of Academic Talk

This chapter describes the subareas of cognitive features of academic talk, including generality of information, focus on precise concepts, use of logical and linear reasoning, inferencing and higher level reasoning, meta skills, level of confidence in information, and decontextualization. A brief discussion of differences between casual talk and academic talk registers for each feature as well as assessment and intervention ideas are also provided.

4. Conclusion and a Brief Application

Using the book 'Moonbear's Shadow' by Frank Asch, this chapter provides an overview of possible treatment ideas for integrating all 16 sub-skills of Executive Functions and Academic Talk into the context of a book sharing interaction.

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