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"This is a dream come true. I am thrilled to offer online CEUs in partnership with MedBridge. This the BEST online platform available to PTs & OTs. No other company can compare with the quality. An annual subscription gives unlimited access to the most powerful evidence-based education. Choose from any of my courses or any of the other great courses all for one low price. Give your patients the care they deserve."
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Jan Davis Courses

Part B: Functional Treatment Ideas and Strategies in Adult Hemiplegia
presented by Jan Davis

Functional Treatment Ideas & Strategies in Adult Hemiplegia: Part A is a prerequisite for this course.
In the second of this two-part course, Jan Davis skillfully demonstrates how to select and use functional activities, taken from real-life, to improve upper and lower extremity function with stroke survivors. This course combines Motor Learning Theory with practical handling methods that can be used in any treatment setting. Jan Davis makes complex principles easy to understand. This course is a "must have" for occupational therapists, physical therapists, and assistants working in stroke rehabilitation. Learn more

Part A: Functional Treatment Ideas and Strategies in Adult Hemiplegia
presented by Jan Davis

Jan Davis skillfully combines Motor Learning Theory with handling methods designed to improve upper and lower extremity function with actual stroke survivors. She uses functional activities taken from real-life and makes complex principles easy to understand. In Part A, the first of this two-part course, you will follow four stroke survivors as their key problem areas and treatment goals are identified and treatment begins. Learn more

StrokeHelp ®: Improving Function and Awareness
presented by Jan Davis

This course provides important fundamental treatment principles and practical therapeutic guidelines that the entire team can use when working with stroke survivors. The step-by-step approach described in this course is supported by the latest findings in neuroplasticity. Learn more

StrokeHelp ®: Wheelchair Transfers and Standing Safely
presented by Jan Davis

Wheelchair Transfers:
Videos, step-by-step handling methods and 10 practice labs demonstrated in this course provide essential information for safe and functional transfers with stroke survivors during various stages of recovery including moderate assist, maximum assist and transfers with the assistance of two persons. Also included are clear, concise videos on repositioning in the wheelchair and transfers on and off high surfaces (such as a high hospital bed). All methods are based on normal movement.
Standing Safely:
The second part of this course demonstrates how to help stroke survivors, needing moderate assistance or maximum assistance, stand safely and efficiently. Included are 8 practice labs demonstrating these methods with videos of patients requiring varying levels of assistance. These treatment methods can be used with stroke survivors in treatment settings including inpatient and outpatient rehab, skilled nursing, home health and acute care hospitals. Learn more

StrokeHelp ®: Preventing Shoulder Pain
presented by Jan Davis

Most painful shoulders are unnecessary and can be prevented if those working with stroke survivors are better informed and better trained. This course provides an introduction to the hemiplegic shoulder, treating soft tissue tightness and includes proper handling methods and several excellent practice labs on scapular mobilization. Learn more

StrokeHelp ®: Bed Positioning and Mobility
presented by Jan Davis

The rehabilitation process begins before the patient gets out of the hospital bed. Proper facilitation and handling methods can give your patients a big head start in their rehabilitation process. This course clearly demonstrates therapeutic methods of proper Bed Positioning and Bed Mobility to facilitate trunk and limb control as well as improve comfort and prevent pain and contractures. Included are videos and 11 practice labs. Learn more

StrokeHelp ®: Self-Care
presented by Jan Davis

This course includes many excellent methods to help stroke survivors become as independent as possible while improving daily living skills such as dressing, grooming and hygiene. This therapeutic approach facilitates movement and encourages success. Learn more

Part A: Treatment Strategies in the Acute Care of Stroke Survivors
presented by Jan Davis

Optimize your early intervention of stroke survivors with powerful and practical guidelines filmed with actual patients at a certified Stroke Center of Excellence (rated one of the top 100 hospitals in the nation). The first of a 3-part series, this course is perfect for therapists working in the acute care setting or those entering acute care. Jan Davis, MS, OTR/L provides a wealth of information and essential guidelines in assessment and intervention strategies. Learn more

Part B: Treatment Strategies in the Acute Care of Stroke Survivors
presented by Jan Davis

Every minute counts in acute care. Learn how to maximize each treatment session and provide safe and exceptional care. Observe skilled intervention with four acute stroke patients including ambulation, facilitation of trunk and limb control, ADL training, transfers and bed mobility. Also included are 10 practice labs, perfect for improving handling methods and inservice training. Part B is a continuation of the Acute Care series, and should be taken following the completion of Treatment Strategies in the Acute Care of Stroke Survivors (Part A). Learn more

Part C: Treatment Strategies in the Acute Care of Stroke Survivors
presented by Jan Davis

Working in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) environment can be overwhelming. The focus of this course provides necessary and essential guidelines for therapists treating stroke survivors in the ICU. Content includes managing equipment and monitors, effective treatment strategies for physical therapists and occupational therapists, fundamental guidelines for co-treatment sessions, and family considerations. Part C is the final course of the three part Acute Care series, and should only be taken following the completion of Treatment Strategies in the Acute Care of Stroke Survivors (Parts A and B). Learn more

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