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Authorizing Your Mobile Device to Conduct a Telehealth Visit

Clicking Don’t Enable will bypass the notification for that instance of login. The next time the user opens MBGO, they will be asked again to enable device authentication.

Clicking Yes will enable the Face ID or passcode set on the user’s device.

Users can also navigate to the app’s settings to enable Face ID.

MedBridge GO Settings:

Face ID Disabled

Face ID Enabled

Clicking Yes will enable the device authentication.

Clicking Never Ask Again will not enable device authentication, nor will it prompt the user to enable device authentication the next time they opens the app.

Clicking Maybe Later will not enable the device authentication, but the user will be prompted to enable the device authentication the next time they opens the app.

If a user clicked Never Ask Again but they now want to enable device authentication, they can try the following workarounds:

  1. Uninstall/reinstall MedBridge GO app
  2. Remove the program/re-add the program (need access code)
  3. Go into the Storage menu of the OS Applications list for MBGO. Delete all app data, then re-add the program

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