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This self-guided SCS Prep Program is designed to give you the tools you need to pass the test, gain expertise, and elevate the profession — all while earning CEUs.

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Our SCS Prep Program provides all of the tools you'll need to pass the board specialization test, develop your clinical skill set, and elevate your career - all while earning CEUs. With advanced certification, you'll set yourself apart as a distinguished professional equipped to provide an advanced level of care.

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In this program you will study advanced topics taught by the best instructors in sports therapy. With over 500 practice questions, this 16-week program will have you well-prepared for success on test day.


Learn from the Best

Study advanced topics taught by the top instructors in sports therapy.


Identify Strengths

Analyze your strengths & weaknesses with scores for practice areas.


Personalize Your Plan

Customize the program to meet your needs. Study in groups or on your own.


Advance Your Career

Prepare for the test and earn CEUs—all included in the annual subscription.

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Track Your Strength

The SCS Prep Program is based on both practice areas and body regions in alignment with the Sports Description of Specialty Practice. Over 500 test questions are mapped to these two matrices so participants can track their strengths and weaknesses to prepare for the exam.

SCS Strength Meter 1
SCS Strength Meter 2
SCS Strength Meter 3
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See your strength in over 20 categories! Begin the SCS program today.

Practice Exam

Get ahead of the game - try one of our practice questions below.

Case Excerpt:

Your athlete is a 17-year-old male hockey player who went to the ER last night due to a head laceration. He had no other examination and would like to be cleared to play today. The patient reports a little headache around the area of sutures, but otherwise, reports feeling normal. While performing the concussion assessment in the training room prior to the game, you note that during his Romberg test there is significant sway consistently to the right with both double leg and tandem standing.


As the clinician, how would you continue in the assessment?

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What's Included in the Program

  • Advanced Courses

    Choose from over 40 online, video-based courses taught by the experts

  • Practice Questions

    Study with over 300 practice questions and recommended journal articles

  • Group Study

    Prepare on your own or with others sitting for the exam

  • Structured Program

    Improve your expertise with this 16-week program designed specifically for the SCS exam

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