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Onboarding: It’s More Than Just a Checklist

This session will create a paradigm shift from your outdated model to a model that will increase retention and engagement of team members. This approach is applicable to clinical and non-clinical staff, from housekeeper to physician. Typical onboarding programs are checklists of technical compliance and how to comply with policies or procedures. Let’s redesign your program to foster connection and inspire people towards the work ahead.

This webinar is a part of the MedBridge enterprise solution. Our complete solution of professional development and patient engagement tools helps organizations attract and retain staff, elevate quality of care, and improve outcomes.

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Instructor Bio

Amy Lafko founded Cairn Consulting Solutions with the knowledge that you need to grow your people to grow your business. Amy focuses her work on the employee experience that is derived from skilled leaders and aligned teams. Whether through team dynamics sessions, development workshops, or consulting, Amy provides expertise to improve the entire lifecycle of your team. From hiring to engagement, she assists clients in decreasing turnover, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. Amy has earned her MSPT from Ithaca College, her MBA from Loyola University of MD. As a national speaker, consultant and facilitator, Amy leverages over 20 years of professional leadership experience in several sectors of healthcare. In addition, Amy is serving as the American Physical Therapy Association’s section of Health Policy and Administration Chair for the LAMP Institute of Leadership.

Elevate Quality of Care
and Improve Outcomes

The all-in-one professional development and patient engagement solution to elevate your workforce and improve patient care.