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Recorded Webinar

Investing in Your Employees:
Why Employee Engagement Matters
More Than Ever

This webinar is a part of the MedBridge enterprise solution. Our complete solution of professional development and patient engagement tools helps organizations attract and retain staff, elevate quality of care, and improve outcomes.

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Whether you’ve been focusing on employee engagement for years or you’ve decided to prioritize it in 2021, the need to engage employees has never been greater. Job satisfaction is consistently listed as a priority for today’s healthcare professionals, and a lack of engagement has been shown to hurt productivity, profitability, and morale.

During this recorded webinar, Amy Lafko, MSPT, MBA, and Julianne Brandt, PT, MBA, COO at Spooner Physical Therapy, discuss why the importance of employee engagement continues to grow, strategies to keep your employees engaged, and common pitfalls that can lead to lower job satisfaction. Amy and Julianne also discuss how to determine and define ‘non-negotiables’ like time frame and budget, how to make sure your team is aligned with these parameters, and share effective engagement strategies relevant to both those just starting out as well as teams that have been focused on engagement for years.

This webinar is informational only and is not accredited.


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Amy Lafko, MSPT, MBA

Amy Lafko, MSPT, MBA, founded Cairn Consulting Solutions with the knowledge that you need to grow your people to grow your business. Amy focuses her work on the employee experience that is derived from skilled leaders and aligned teams. Whether through team dynamics sessions, development workshops, or consulting, Amy provides expertise to improve the entire lifecycle of your team. Amy earned her MSPT from Ithaca College, her MBA from Loyola University of MD, and has over 20 years of professional leadership experience in healthcare.

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Julianne Brandt, PT, MBA

COO at Spooner Physical Therapy

Julianne Brandt, PT, MBA, serves as Chief Operating Officer of Spooner Physical Therapy, a private outpatient rehabilitation practice with 22 locations in the Phoenix metro area. She drives the strategic focus of the Spooner organization, drawing from over 20 years of experience in healthcare leadership as a clinician and an administrator. Julianne is passionate about elevating the role of rehabilitative medicine and its providers in the healthcare community. Her areas of expertise include organizational development, strategic planning, and operations.

Elevate Quality of Care
and Improve Outcomes

Discover the all-in-one professional development and patient engagement solution to elevate your workforce and improve patient care.