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Case Study

MedBridge Improves Staff Retention at Pivot Physical Therapy with Continuing Education and LMS

Client Challenges

Pivot Physical Therapy was poised for substantial growth as an organization, but had been facing high staff attrition rates. Given the estimated direct cost of $8,000 to replace each lost employee, they knew they needed to find a solution to develop and maintain clinical excellence while expanding their brand. They wanted to ensure that as they grew, they had:

  • Engaged employees that were passionate about working at the organization

  • Streamlined training that helped onboard new employees efficiently and effectively

  • Consistent application of advanced, evidence-based clinical services

  • The ability to service patients beyond their expectations through premier patient engagement tools

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Pivot Physical Therapy
Company Profile
  • Founded in 2000
  • Headquarters in Towson, MD
  • 250 East Coast Locations
  • MedBridge Partner Since 2012

Improve staff retention through rapid growth while providing superior patient care


Continuing Education and LMS

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reduction in staff attrition

Pivot Physical Therapy reduced staff attrition by 75% for new grad hires while more than quadrupling in size from 60 to 250 clinics over two years.

in savings resulting from improved staff retention


Since partnering with MedBridge, Pivot Physical Therapy has more than quadrupled in size while making staff retention a problem of the past. Through MedBridge, Pivot Physical Therapy has been able to implement a comprehensive professional development program that engages staff, improves outcomes, and provides the highest quality of clinical care.

Pivot Physical Therapy attributes over $250,000 in annual savings to the direct impact of MedBridge solutions on staff attrition for their new grad program, estimating the direct costs of replacing a therapist to be around $8,000 per employee.

Pivot was recently awarded the Ascend 2016 Private Practice of the Year, recognized for investing substantially in their clinicians, and offering post-graduate education and certification.

“MedBridge is one of Pivot Physical Therapy's cornerstones for developing clinical excellence and offering our patients a renaissance experience. We have seen a substantial return on our investment in employee engagement, staff retention, and improved outcomes.”
Brian Hoy, VP of Clinical Services at Pivot Physical Therapy

About Pivot Physical Therapy

Pivot Physical Therapy is a premiere provider of physical therapy, occupational therapy, sports medicine, and wellness services with nearly 250 locations throughout the East Coast. Since opening for business in 2000, Pivot has more than quadrupled in size and continues to build a reputation on utilizing evidence-based practice to provide high-quality, hands-on care. They specialize in general orthopedics, joint rehabilitation, pre and post-operative care, sports medicine, aquatic therapy, auto and work-related injuries, and arthritis management. Pivot also has an extensive sports medicine network (Pivot Sports Medicine) that provides athletic training and other sports-medicine related services to over 50 scholastic athletic departments.

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