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Our certification prep program is designed to give you the tools you need to pass the test, gain expertise, and elevate the profession — all while earning CEUs.

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Study smarter by understanding your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll show you how you are progressing based on the geriatrics description of specialty practice (DSP) or by medical condition.

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Why Take the GCS?

Hear about our GCS Program from Kathryn Brewer.
  • Distinguish Yourself

    Show your dedication to physical therapy to referring physicians and potential employers.

  • Further Your Career

    Develop the skills you need to better serve your patients and advance your career.

  • Elevate the Profession

    You want to be the best clinician possible. Certifications demonstrate your expertise and elevate the field of physical therapy.

What's Included in the Program

  • Advanced Courses

    Online, video-based courses taught by the experts

  • Practice Questions

    Choose from a library of over 300 practice questions

  • Group Study

    Study on your own or with others preparing for the exam

  • Structured Program

    Improve your expertise with a program designed specifically for the SCS exam

Practice Exam

The complete prep program will be available this fall. Get ahead of the game - try one of our practice questions below.

Case Excerpt:

Your patient is a 68-year-old, active postmenopausal woman with no history of fracture or other joint disease. She has positive family history for osteoporosis; her mother had a hip fracture and her older sister recently had a vertebral compression fracture. She is osteopenic, has adequate calcium and Vitamin D intake, and wishes to avoid the progression of her condition and use of medications. She walks two miles per day and takes a Zumba class twice weekly. Your exercise and physical activity recommendations will be based on this information.


Principles of bone adaptation applied to older adults with osteoporosis include:

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