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Orthopedic Exam Tests

Body Regions

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  • Craig's Test
  • Eccentric Hip Flexion Test
  • FABER Test
  • Fitzgerald Test: Posterior Labrum
  • Fitzgerald Test: Anterior Labrum
  • Flexion Abduction External Rotation Test
  • Flexion Internal Rotation Test
  • Flexion, Adduction, Axial Compression Test
  • Flexion, Internal Rotation, Axial Compression Test
  • Flexion-Adduction Internal Rotation Test
  • Hamstring 90-90 Test
  • Hip Scour Test
  • Impingement Provocation Test
  • Impingement Test
  • Internal Rotation Grind Test
  • Internal Rotation Load Test
  • Log Roll Test
  • MFER Test
  • MFIR Test
  • Maximum Flexion External Rotation Test
  • Maximum Flexion Internal Rotation Test
  • McCarthy Sign Test
  • Ober's Test
  • Palpation Posterior to Greater Trochanter
  • Resisted Straight Leg Raise Test
  • Resisted Straight Leg Raise in External Rotation Test
  • Thomas Maneuver Test
  • Thomas Test
  • Thomas Test in External Rotation
  • Thomas Test in Internal Rotation
  • Trendelenburg Test

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