Patient Education

Our patient education platform increases patient engagement both in and out of the clinic, saving time, improving outcomes, and increasing patient satisfaction.

MedBridge Home Exercise Program Builder

Increase Patient Satisfaction

A patient’s understanding of their condition and treatment plan is an important component of their overall satisfaction. Engage your patients and their families in the recovery process by reducing anxiety and increasing confidence in the treatment plan.

  • 3D models, animated videos, and handouts explaining over 250 pathologies
  • Customizable condition descriptions to meet your patient’s needs
  • HIPAA-compliant online portal, mobile app, and printable handouts
Home exercise program portal and printouts

Save Time & Better Educate Patients

Help patients better understand their diagnosis and rehabilitation plan with engaging and effective education accessible in and out of clinic. Save time explaining complex conditions or extend your reach beyond rehab with lifestyle and discharge education.

  • Use packaged education programs for common diagnoses such as TJR, Low Back Pain, and COPD
  • Promote lifestyle changes through resources for body mechanics, posture, and preventative care videos
  • Reduce readmissions through education on wound care, transfers, and fall prevention
Tandem Walking

Improve Outcomes

Educate your patients on the importance of adhering to their treatment regimen. Patients who are engaged in their recovery process are more likely to adhere to their treatment plan. The MedBridge platform encourages patients to become more invested in their rehabilitation, leading to improved outcomes.

  • Easily track patient utilization with a visual reporting dashboard
  • Use actionable data from MedBridge feedback tools and surveys to further increase engagement and improve outcomes

More Patient Education Features

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