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Join Diana ‘Dee’ Kornetti, PT, MA, HCS-D, HCS-C, and Cindy Krafft, PT, MS, HCS-O, as two of the premier voices in home health provide detailed educational resources to support your organization’s compliance and revenue protection solutions, and help foster an educated and empowered medical community.

Boasting a combined fifty years of home health expertise, Diana ‘Dee’ Kornetti, PT, MA, HCS-D, HCS-C, and Cindy Krafft PT, MS, HCS-O, serve as owners and founders of ​Kornetti & Krafft Health Care Solutions, a premier healthcare consulting company with proven expertise in interdisciplinary, patient-centered care management.

As two of the foremost experts in home health compliance and regulation, Dee and Cindy provide a wealth of knowledge on a host of critical topics, including defensible documentation, the OASIS tool, ICD-10 coding, PDGM, and many more.

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Compliance Series

Regulatory Series

Compliance Series

By Diana ‘Dee’ Kornetti and Cindy Krafft

A holistic approach to compliance training can help your organization protect its revenues by empowering your front and back office staff with the information they need to properly collect data, document care plans, and care for patients. Our Kornetti and Krafft Compliance Course Series covers the most essential areas of home health compliance: the OASIS tool, documentation, and effective care planning.

Regulatory Series

By Diana ‘Dee’ Kornetti, Cindy Krafft, and Tricia Twombly

Regulatory requirements can be complex, but are necessary to protect the health and safety of individuals under HHA care, and promote the effective and efficient use of Medicare funds. Our regulatory series features short, easy-to-digest PDGM training courses for your clinical and office-based staff, our popular PDGM webinar series, and Conditions of Participation courses. Equip your staff with effective training covering the important role of intake, clinical documentation and ICD-10 coding, the five key areas that comprise the CoPs, and more.

Meet the Instructors

Diana 'Dee' Kornetti

Diana 'Dee' Kornetti, a physical therapist for 30 years, is a past administrator and co-owner of a Medicare-certified home health agency. Dee now provides training and education to home health industry providers through a consulting business, Kornetti & Krafft Health Care Solutions. She serves as chief operations officer with her business partners Cindy Krafft and Sherry Teague.

Cindy Krafft

Cindy Krafft brings more than 20 years of home health expertise that ranges from direct patient care to operational and management issues. Years spent in the homes of patients confirmed that she was in the best setting to focus on functionality and the specific challenges faced by each patient. Cindy recognizes that providing care in the home environment is different from providing care in any other setting, which is evident in both her training and consultation activities.

PDGM Resource Center

Ensure continued success under the new reimbursement model with MedBridge’s PDGM Resource Center, featuring our popular PDGM webinar series led by Dee Kornetti and Cindy Krafft.

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