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The Problem

With staffing shortages impacting clinical capacity, agencies are now hiring RNs who may be new to home health. New hires need sufficient training before they can enter the field with competence and confidence, as well as reference materials when they need a refresher on‑site⁠—⁠particularly when it comes to advanced skills.

Our Solution

As a part of our complete Home Health Onboarding Solution, MedBridge Skills and Competency Management allows agencies to assess skill gaps, assign targeted training, and ensure staff are efficiently and effectively prepared for the field.

The Benefits

  • Ensure clinician competency
  • Increase staff confidence in the field
  • Standardize care delivery
  • Reduce costs through efficiency

What's Included

Targeted Skills Training

Skills Checklist

Tracking and Reporting

Video-Based Skills Training Library

Engaging educational resources for onboarding, quality improvement programs, and ongoing field reference.

How We Do It

Assess Staff Competency

Assess staff skills and evaluate competency by leveraging our skills checklist during onboarding or annual reviews.

Assign Targeted Training and Reference Resources

Remediate gaps and ensure competency in the field with video-based training available anytime through our clinician mobile app.

Track and Document Completion of Skills Training

Easily monitor completion and ensure accurate documentation in one location with robust reporting dashboards.

Level Up Quality Improvement Initiatives

Assign specialized training as part of targeted quality improvement initiatives to reduce negative occurrences.

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