Pharmacologic Treatment of Diabetes

presented by Barbara Gladson

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This course reviews the pathophysiology and drug treatment for Type 1 Diabetes. The synthesis and release of insulin as well as its stimulus for release is discussed. Students will review exogenous insulin treatment and learn how patients match the amount of insulin injected with food intake and activity.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Barbara Gladson, PT, OT, PhD

    Dr. Gladson has earned a BS from the University of Pennsylvania in Occupational Therapy, a MS degree in Physical Therapy from Columbia and a PhD in Pharmacology from the Rutgers Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. She is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the School of Health Professions, and the Director of the Rutgers BioPharma Educational Initiative, MS in Clinical Trial Sciences, which educates individuals seeking to enter the Pharmaceutical Industry. Dr. Gladson's areas of teaching include Medical Pathophysiology, Pharmacokinetics, Cultural Diversity in Clinical Trials and Pharmacology. She has developed several web-based courses and has recently completed a textbook in pharmacology. Dr. Gladson’s research interests include methodology to improve subject recruitment efforts in clinical trials as well as in educating the public on the value of participating in a drug trial.

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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  1. Overview of Diabetes

    1. Overview of Diabetes

    In chapter one, Barbara Gladson will describe the signs and symptoms of Diabetes and explain the diagnostic categories of Diabetes. She will also review the effects of and interpret blood glucose values as well as describe glucose monitoring devices.

  2. Insulin

    2. Insulin

    Chapter two will cover the physiologic control of insulin and the triggers for release. Barbara Gladson will describe the insulin molecule and compare and contrast the different insulin regimens. She will also explain the mode of administration for insulin and the signs of hypoglycemia and institute emergency treatment when it is indicated.

  3. Insulin and Exercise

    3. Insulin and Exercise

    In the final chapter Barbara Gladson will review the effects of exercise on glucose and insulin levels and go over the guidelines for exercising a patient with Diabetes. She will show you how to interpret the literature to determine how insulin doses should be modified with changes in exercise mode. The chapter concludes with a question and answer session with PT Holly Tanner.