Intro to Home Health for SLPs

presented by Jennifer Loehr

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With the population of aging adults growing exponentially, there is a growing need to care for seniors in a quality and cost-efficient manner. Home health care is an efficient and cost-effective way to care for homebound seniors while allowing them to age in place. Speech-language pathologists are important members of the home health team. However, the clinician is then required to have an understanding of the home health system and the necessary skill set and tools to provide effective and efficient delivery of care. This course will provide participants a basic understanding of home health services, including regulations and reimbursement in addition to the basic tools and skill set required for a successful career in the home health arena.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Jennifer Loehr, MA, CCC-SLP, COS-C

    Jenny Loehr is a speech-language pathologist with over 30 years experience working in adult neurology. She has presented at over 20 state and national conferences and online continuing education programs on the topic of dementia, including the American Speech and Hearing Association, the National Association of Home Health and Hospice, and Leading Age of Texas. She is the co-author of the book Here’s How to Treat Dementia (Plural Publishing, 2013) and has also published articles for the ASHA Leader and the Journal of Communication Disorders. Jenny is an LSVT-certified clinician and is COS-C certified. She currently works for Encompass Home Health and Hospice as a Clinical Integration Specialist providing training, education, and mentoring for physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and nurses in home health care policy, procedures, compliance, and program implementation. She assisted in the development and implementation of the Memory Care Program with Encompass Home Health and continues to provide ongoing training and support in this specialty area.

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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  1. Introduction to Home Health Care

    1. Introduction to Home Health Care

    This chapter is an overview of the home health care system with regard to how services are implemented and reimbursed. This will include information regarding typical demographics of the home health patient population with regard to SLPs and some of the pros and cons of working in this environment.

  2. SLP Toolkit for Home Health

    2. SLP Toolkit for Home Health

    Successful implementation of care in the home setting for the SLP requires adequate planning and organization. This chapter will reveal some of the necessary tools and skill sets needed for the SLP to provide care in the home.

  3. Care Planning and Goal Development: An Overview

    3. Care Planning and Goal Development: An Overview

    Documentation in home care must clearly illustrate that the services provided are reasonable and necessary per CMS guidelines. This includes developing an appropriate care plan for the home health patient that is effective and efficient. This chapter will provide the SLP with a basic understanding of how to document skilled services and develop a care plan that includes functional and reasonable short-term and long-term goals.