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Vision and Driving

presented by Nathalie Drouin, OTR/L, CDI, CDRS

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How do common vision disorders relate to driver performance, and what training and remediation techniques can be implemented to improve driver performance? Nathalie Drouin, OTR/L, CDI, CDRS, tackles these questions in this course, beginning with eye anatomy and the visual system. She discusses disease and disorders of the eye, including acuity loss, eye movement disorders, binocular vision disorders, specific eye diseases affecting vision, and others. Participants will learn how to implement training and remediation techniques, including mirrors, tinted lenses, bioptic lenses, head movement exercises, and other techniques. Graphic representations of the eye and eye disorders, as well as live demonstrations of resources, supplement Nathalie Drouin's lecture.

Meet Your Instructor

Nathalie Drouin, OTR/L, CDI, CDRS

An Occupational Therapist for 16 years, Nathalie Drouin brings a wide range of experience to the field including acute care, pediatrics and geriatrics. For the past six years, she has worked in an outpatient setting while gaining almost three years' experience in the area of Driver Rehabilitation. Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital and Clemson University…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Eye Anatomy and the Visual System

In the first chapter of this course, participants will learn the anatomy of the eye and the visual system. Visual acuity, oculomotor skills, clinical vision assessment, and stereoscopic vision testing are discussed.

2. Diseases and Disorders of the Eye

In the second chapter of this course, Nathalie Drouin, OTR/L, CDI, CDRS, discusses diseases and disorders of the eye, including acuity loss, eye movement disorders, binocular vision disorders, contrast sensitivity deficits, as well as specific eye diseases affecting vision.

3. Common Vision Problems and Driver Performance

In this chapter, participants will learn how common vision disorders relate to driver performance. Nathalie Drouin, OTR/L, CDI, CDRS, reveals how drivers can misjudge distance or speed, what the effects of decreased ability to note road conditions and details are, and how deficits in glare recovery or contrast sensitivity impact driving. She discusses topics such as maintaining adequate lane position, difficulty shifting eyes and gaze, and scanning and tracking.

4. Training and Remediation Techniques

In Chapter 4, Nathalie Drouin, OTR/L, CDI, CDRS, discusses the implementation of training and remediation techniques. These include restorative strategies, alternative strategies, adaptive/compensation strategies, preventative strategies, and other resources.

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