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Theoretical Frameworks for Neurodevelopmental and Neurobehavioral Interventions in the NICU

presented by Roberta Gatlin, PT, DScPT, PCS

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This course will provide the learner with the foundational theories of neurodevelopmental and neurobehavioral interventions for the neonate. The learner will be able to identify the term, preterm and post neonate and diagnoses that are commonly seen by therapists treating in the NICU. This course will review the Synactive Theory's hierarchy of the systems in detail and review the behavioral communication a neonate expresses while admitted in the NICU.

Meet Your Instructor

Roberta Gatlin, PT, DScPT, PCS

Roberta "Bertie" Gatlin, PT, DScPT, PCS, graduated from University of Memphis in 1986 with a BS in Special Education and from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center Department of Physical Therapy in 1989 with a BS in Physical Therapy. She completed her Doctorate of Science with an emphasis in Neurological and Pediatric Physical Therapy…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Practice Frameworks and Evidence Based Practice in the NICU

This chapter is designed to provide the learner with the practice frameworks that help to identify the Dynamic system and Synactive theory of development.

2. Hierarchy of Systems Development in the NICU Neonate

This chapter is designed to provide the hierarchy of systems that a neonate functions in during both medical stability and instability.

3. Interactive Capabilities of the NICU Neonate

This chapter is designed to provide the learner with the skills to identify the communication behaviors of the neonate.

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