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The Patient Experience: Creating Fans for Life

presented by James Glinn Jr. and James Glinn Sr.

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This course will be retired and no longer available as of April 1, 2020. Please complete the course by March 31, 2020 to receive credit or look for The Art of Customer Service in Health Care, available in the course catalogue.

As a clinic owner or manager, retaining patients can be one of your toughest tasks, especially in the changing world of healthcare. How do you keep patients coming back once their initial treatment is complete? James Glinn and his son will walk you through their approach to creating “Fans for Life”, a unique course focusing on the patient-therapist relationship that leads to patients returning to your practice long after their initial treatment. They will introduce you to effective strategies you can implement in your practice to retain patients. James Glinn Jr. and Sr. focus on non-clinical approaches to making your patients feel welcomed, while also making the intake and continued treatment process seamless. All of these approaches will be illustrated through hypothetical animated patients, following one patient from her initial encounter to discharge. You will also view discussions on the Glinn’s personal experience owning a network of clinics.

Meet Your Instructors

James Glinn Jr., PT, DPT, OCS

James Glinn, PT, DPT, OCS is the Founder of the “Movement For Life” family of clinics. With assistance from a Team of experts, Dr. Glinn participates in the operation of multiple fitness, wellness and outpatient rehabilitation facilities throughout California and Arizona. In addition, James is a principal in FutureRehab, a management and consulting organization that…

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James Glinn Sr., PT

James Glinn Sr. PT has practiced physical therapy since the late 1960’s and has seen and participated in the development of manual therapy and sports physical therapy as they have evolved in the United States from the 1970’s to the present. Jim Sr. has bought, developed and sold private physical therapy practices three times during…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Understanding Why Patients Choose You

This first chapter is about improving your understanding of how to begin to improve your patient interviewing skills. The chapter will also help you realize how physical therapists are well-positioned to intervene with patient care along a continuum motion that we call the PWRdigm. Simply put, no professionals are better suited for this task than PTs. We are all professionally trained for such skills, but we could all improve in developing really superb patient-therapist relationships.

2. Building Relationship Skills and Deal Closing Techniques

In this second chapter, we are going to take a close look at relationship building skills and end with teaching some specific closing techniques. Closing techniques are triggered when you feel a patient or client is ready to accept what you are selling. What you are selling may run the gamut from one simple addition, to their home exercise program to the patient accessing a life-changing, high end wellness program custom-tailored to their needs.

3. Improving Patient Satisfaction Through the First Encounter

In this third chapter, we will demonstrate how the external environment (the clinic) and the internal environment of the patient may be modified to improve physical therapy outcomes. If you, as a physical therapist, can influence positively the clinical and the patient setting, you will truly be a life transforming PT.

4. The Blended Evaluation: Discovering Needs with Great First Impressions

In this fourth chapter, we will expand on what is referred to as the "Blended Evaluation." You will recall this differs from the usual PT evaluation in that treatment concepts may be introduced at various points during the evaluation when "teaching moments" and buy-in occur. These moments may be categorized as "aha!" or "oh crap!" moments.

5. Integrating the Five Ts Into Treatment

In this fifth chapter we will discuss the idea of "icing the patient" and what that means besides applying cryotherapy. We will also go over what other information you can gather during the icing period while you allow the patient to relax under passive modalities.

6. Patient Satisfaction: More than Treatment Outcomes

In this sixth chapter we will focus on ways to teach the patient, increase patient satisfaction and build value for the patient during her six week treatment plan. The chapter will provide tips for improving needs discovery, ideal teaching times and the three determinants of patient satisfaction.

7. Building Value for your Patients: Creating Fans for Life

In the previous chapters we finished the first PT visit and completed Mrs. Jones' treatment plan. She left with her custom HEP and other information for her next visit. She is now back for her final visit. This final chapter will focus on communication keys to discover the needs and wants of the patient, as well as build value and provide education. The chapter will provide tips for closing the deal with a patient to continue care to meet their overriding needs they want to address, creating fans for life.

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