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The History of the NICU

presented by Roberta Gatlin

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In this course, Dr. Gatlin discusses the evolutionary progress of the neonatal intensive care unit and various factors that impact the epidemiology of premature births. The course allows the learner to see the progression of technological growth of equipment required to increase the mortality of the premature neonate.

Meet Your Instructor

Roberta Gatlin, PT, DScPT, PCS

Roberta “Bertie” Gatlin, PT, DScPT, PCS, graduated from University of Memphis in 1986 with a BS in Special Education and from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center Department of Physical Therapy in 1989 with a BS in Physical Therapy. She completed her Doctorate of Science with an emphasis in Neurological and Pediatric Physical Therapy…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. NICU History and Competencies for the Rehabilitation Professional

This chapter is designed to provide the learner with the evolutionary progress of the neonatal intensive care unit. The course allows the learner to identify the key components of competency skills of the rehabilitative therapist.

2. Patient-Family-Centered Care

This chapter is designed to provide the learner with the delivery of patient-family-centered care by describing and identifying the components of a PFCC model in the NICU.

3. NICU Environment and Equipment

This chapter is designed to allows the learner to identify the environmental demands in the NICU and typical equipment seen in the a NICU environment.

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