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Survey Survival Part 1: How to Be Prepared for Any Survey

presented by Nancy Allen, BSN, RNC, CMC

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Learn how to be prepared for any survey. It is a dreaded call when we are notified the surveyor is to coming or is in the building. It is like taking a test for which one often feels unprepared. This course provides knowledge of the skill sets needed to respond confidently. Surveyor secrets will be revealed, including what makes a surveyor smile, even if it is only on the inside.

Meet Your Instructor

Nancy Allen, BSN, RNC, CMC

Nancy E. Allen, BSN, RNC, CMC, is the owner and CEO of Solutions for Care, Inc., a consulting company specializing in community-based healthcare and care management. Her experience includes clinical, administrative, and provider roles as well as ten years as a state and accreditation surveyor. She has served as a Corporate Integrity Monitor for the…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Know the Type of Survey

It is important to know the type of survey being conducted. In this chapter, terms relating to the various types of surveys will be defined. This way, staff can respond appropriately to dispel the fear, mystery, and frequent myths associated with surveys.

2. Survey Secrets Revealed!

Learn the inside secrets to make the surveyor smile (even if it is only on the inside). In so doing, you will learn how to expedite any survey, audit, or inspection. Plan ahead to avoid an unpleasant survey. Learn how to start out on the right foot and stay on the right foot. Survey processes will be discussed along with lessons learned.

3. Apply Information to Avoid the Common Mistakes

Do you have your survey binder ready? Do you know what QIES are and who CASPER is? Learn the inside secrets to demonstrate smooth operations and further facilitate the survey. Learn interpersonal skills to demonstrate the care and respect needed for the surveyor and the processes of the survey.

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Presented by Nancy Allen, BSN, RNC, CMC

Survey Survival Part 2: The Survey Tasks

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In Survey Survival Part 2, we will continue to learn practical guidance to expedite any survey or government inspection. The six tasks of a survey will be shared and practical tips will be revealed to help the home health agency avoid deficiencies and stay one step ahead of the surveyor. Most importantly, one will learn how to integrate the survey processes into daily operations to improve patient care.

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