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Soft Skills: Conflict Management and Resolution

presented by Amy Lafko, MSPT, MBA

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Your role as a leader includes supporting your team through conflict. Throughout this series, learners will explore foundational strategies of conflict resolution, the ways that different communication styles, as well as words, tone and body language can intersect with conflict in the workplace. From there, strategies to help mediate conflict will be explored. For any experienced leader, these videos will serve as a quick reminder or refresher of skills you may already have. Since conflict can bring out strong emotions, use the first video to establish the right mindset before you go into a potential conflict situation. These skills are reinforced throughout the series with practical examples and scenarios.

Meet Your Instructor

Amy Lafko, MSPT, MBA

Amy Lafko founded Cairn Consulting Solutions with the knowledge that you need to grow your people to grow your business. Amy focuses her work on the employee experience that is derived from skilled leaders and aligned teams. Whether through team dynamics sessions, development workshops, or consulting, Amy provides expertise to improve the entire lifecycle of…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Strategies to Effectively Resolve Conflict

In this course, participants will explore strategies for conflict resolution, including getting emotions out of the way, bridging the gap between perceived differences, and creating a solution to the problem.

2. Preparing for Success

This course is the foundation for the conflict resolution series. Learners will explore strategies for separating what they feel from the actual facts of the situation.

3. Navigating Conflict Resolution Styles

There are more than one conflict resolution style, and while we each have different natural tendencies, one style may be more appropriate than another given a particular scenario. In this course, participants will explore different conflict resolution styles, as well as when each can be used most effectively.

4. Words, Tone, and Body Language

In this course, participants will explore the ways in which words, tone and body language convey meaning. Strategies to modulate communication style and effectively convey meaning are also addressed.

5. Mediating Conflict Part 1: The Preparation Discussion

There are healthy and unhealthy levels of conflict. Your role as a leader involves identifying when conflict becomes unhealthy and helping to navigate your team through it. In this course, learners will explore strategies to help prepare for mediating conflict within their team.

6. Mediating Conflict Part 2: The Conversation

Your role as a leader involves mediating conflict within your team to work towards a resolution. In this course, learners will explore strategies to facilitate productive conflict resolution discussions with team members.

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