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Hospice CAHPS

presented by Beth Noyce, RN, BSJMC, HCS-C

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This course will be retired and no longer available as of January 13, 2023. Please complete the course by December 31, 2022, to receive credit.

Video Runtime: 32 Minutes, Learning Assessments: 26 Minutes

Hospice Compare groups into eight categories the 47 questions that qualified survey contractors ask survivors after hospice care is completed. Hospice workers need better awareness of what those questions are to address patient satisfaction during patient care instead of mourning low marks later. Clinicians will hear the 47 questions and understand how they're used to calculate "family experience of care" on Hospice Compare. Clinicians will then have the tools to provide care in a way the family recognizes when the questions come later, as well as to address issues when they arise. This course is intended for clinicians, clinical managers, all field staff, and administrators.

Meet Your Instructor

Beth Noyce, RN, BSJMC, HCS-C

Beth Noyce, RN, BSJMC, HCS-C, is a home health and hospice consultant, mentor, educator, and regulatory Jedi who helps agencies know when they are at risk. She draws on her varied leadership and patient care hospice and home health experience gained since 1997. Job description? She helps keep people out of trouble. Beth was executive…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. What Is the CAHPS?

Chapter 1 teaches the purpose and actual name of the CAHPS Hospice Survey. Explore CAHPS’s uses and purpose, and be ready to explain basics of CAHPS procedure.

2. The Meat of The CAHPS Hospice Survey

In Chapter 2, the presenter will cite the 47 questions grouped into the eight categories that appear on Hospice Compare. Get a glimpse of their display on Hospice Compare.

3. What Does That Mean?

Chapter 3 teaches compliance with all regulatory requirements related to the CAHPS Hospice Survey program, including communication with families about the CAHPS survey within regulatory parameters that avoid coaching families on desired responses. Hear how one agency achieves its stellar CAHPS scores.

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