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Dealing With Angry Patients

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Patients with better care experiences have better health outcomes. In addition, staff and clinics thrive when the patients they treat experience high degrees of satisfaction. Dealing With Angry Patients is part of a series of Patient Experience "Booster Shots" designed to provide health care workers with the tactical skills they need to navigate day-to day patient interactions, from the mundane (but still impactful) to the challenging. Why are these called "Booster Shots"? These courses are short and tactical and can be used to set baseline expectations for providing a positive patient experience, to reinforce and sustain learning with regular reminders, or to remediate pain points with targeted education.

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1. Dealing With Angry Patients

A strong relationship between you and the patients you serve plays an important role in the care process. Dealing with angry patients may be a challenging and sometimes unavoidable part of your role. However, your ability to help support and resolve these scenarios when they arise goes a long way to ensure a strong patient–provider relationship, leading to improved outcomes and continued engagement in the care process. In this short course, we’ll explore strategies to help mitigate and resolve instances when patients become upset or angry.

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