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Assessment and Treatment of the Athlete's Elbow

presented by Cuong Pho

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How does a therapist accurately diagnosis a problem related to the elbow, wrist, and hand complex? Multiple variables related to sporting activities can influence shoulder and upper quadrant region injuries. This course will provide a comprehensive review of the common evaluation and treatment procedures for elbow sports injuries as they relate to the entire upper quadrant region.

Meet Your Instructor

Cuong Pho, PT, DPT, SCS, OCS, CHT

Dr. Cuong Pho received an athletic trainer certification in 1996 while working with the athletic department at George Mason University, VA. He went on to receive a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California in 1999. Dr. Pho completed the Kaiser Permanente Southern California Orthopedics Residency Program in 2000 and the…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Tests and Evaluations of the Elbow

In this chapter, participants will learn the fundamentals for selecting the appropriate tests and procedures for identifying pathologies of the elbow. Dr. Pho will review physical impairments such as lateral and medial elbow pain, biceps and triceps tendinitis, and will discuss sprains, tears, and dislocations that may occur during the phases of sport movement.

2. Treatment: Tendinitis in the Elbow

This return-to-sport chapter provides participants with guidelines for equipment and sports activity modifications for those experiencing elbow pain and injury. Upon completion, participants will familiarize themselves with common post-operative protocols and develop skills to implement manual therapy and therapeutic exercise procedures based on the stages of tendon healing.

3. Treatment: Sprains, Strains, and Fractures

Join Dr. Pho as he guides participants through a series of equipment and sports activity modifications for physical injuries to the ulnar collateral ligament. Upon completion, participants will be able to implement manual therapy and therapeutic exercise procedures based on the stages of ligament and bone healing, as well as understand the fundamentals of common post-operative protocols.

4. Throwing Injuries and Drills

In this chapter, Dr. Pho provides participants with guidelines to implement specific and safe training for overhead throwing. Participants will learn to provide corrections for faulty sports movements while incorporating the entire trunk and extremities.

5. Case Studies

In this section, Dr. Pho discusses two patient case studies involving lateral epicondylitis resulting from sports related injury.

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