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Supervision Skills: Directing the Nursing Assistant Part 1

presented by Juzell (Joey) Pettis, RN, DNS-CT, WCC, DWC

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Video Runtime: 25 Minutes

This course is part of a two-course series, and is followed by Supervision Skills: Directing the Nursing Assistant Part 2

This two-course series is meant to help the Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, or Licensed Vocational Nurse understand how to use empowerment, engagement, and ownership to guide nursing assistants during their work shift to perform at their best. The Licensed Nurse has to be time-efficient to accomplish all of the tasks assigned during a normal shift of work. Part one introduces strategies for efficient supervision and identifies key motivators for staff.

Meet Your Instructor

Juzell (Joey) Pettis, RN, DNS-CT, WCC, DWC

Joey has 45 years experience in long-term care and acute care settings. Joey's experience includes both staff and management positions in long-term care. For the past 35 years she has worked in long-term care management as a Director of Nursing and as a Consultant with responsibility for staff management, education and resident clinical care. Joey…

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1. Defining Supervision

It is important to understand the language of supervision and to clearly understand what is meant by supervision of resident care being delivered by CNAs. This section will review the traits important for the Licensed Nurse to possess and practice to improve their supervision skills.

2. Motivators Discovered by Studies

Reviewing studies completed asking CNAs how they want to be supervised and what motivates them will assist the Licensed Nurse in identifying strategies that will work to assure CNAs are performing at their best. These strategies can be adapted to the work environment the Licensed Nurse is supervising during a normal work shift.

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