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Empira Restorative Sleep Series: Make The Difference Of Night and Day

presented by Sarah Brown, RN, LNHA, BS

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This course is Part Two of a two-part series of the Empira Restorative Sleep Module. Empira is a consortium of aging service providers in Minnesota who created a successful Restorative Sleep program in the long-term care setting. Sleep wake cycles are determined by circadian rhythm, the biological processes that occur in a 24-hour cycle each day. This course provides an in-depth look at circadian rhythm disturbances and strategies to consider across a full 24 hour schedule to promote a culture of restorative sleep in long-term care or inpatient settings.

Meet Your Instructor

Sarah Brown, RN, LNHA, BS

Sarah Brown has more than 16 years of experience in health care, providing direct patient care, leadership, education, and consultation in a variety of health care roles in long-term care, transitional care, clinic settings, large health systems, and partnerships. Sarah is the executive director of Empira, a collaborative of four long-term care providers, namely: Presbyterian…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Understanding Sleep Disturbance

This chapter will review the top ten sleep disturbances for residents in nursing homes and the impact it has on overall well-being. The disturbances inhibit active engagement during the day and restful restorative sleep at night.

2. Making the Difference: Daytime Best Practices

Restorative sleep is not only about what happens when we go to bed at night. Daytime activity and routines play a role in how a person will sleep at night. This chapter will provide information on strategies to promote active engagement during the day to fully exhaust the human body and prepare it for deeper, more restorative sleep each night.

3. Making the Difference: Nighttime Best Practices

This chapter will explore opportunities to improve nighttime sleep for residents in nursing homes. It will consider sleep hygiene practices and habits that are necessary to support restorative sleep each night.

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Presented by Sarah Brown, RN, LNHA, BS

Empira Restorative Sleep Series: Sleep Matters

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This course is Part One of a two-part series of the Empira Restorative Sleep Series. Empira is a Minnesota consortium of service providers specializing in aging services, who created a successful Restorative Sleep program in the long-term care setting by identifying sleep fragmentation as a primary contributor to some of the most challenging issues for those who provide and receive care in long-term care or inpatient settings. This course will highlight current practices that contribute to poor sleep and why it is so important to create a culture of restorative sleep.

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