Patrick Rydell, EdD, MS

Patrick Rydell, EdD, MS

Instructor Bio:
Dr. Patrick J. Rydell is the Founder and Director of Rocky Mountain Autism Center and the developer of Autism on Call, LLC., RMAC's Online ASD Training Program. With more than 35 years of practice in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), he has provided international and national training, workshops and program development to government agencies, medical facilities, universities, school districts, professionals and families.

His doctorate was earned through a National Institute of Health Leadership in Autism grant (1989) and he has a double master's degree in speech pathology and special education with a program emphasis in early childhood and autism spectrum disorders. He is also a U.S. Fulbright Senior Specialist Grant recipient (2005).

Dr. Rydell is the author of the Learning Style Profile for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders® (Rydell, 2012) and co-author of the SCERTS® Model (Prizant, Wetherby, Rubin, Laurent & Rydell, 2006). Dr. Rydell has also co-authored 5 book chapters and numerous peer-reviewed research articles on topics related to autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Rydell is currently providing LSP training to medical and intervention specialists internationally in China and South America.

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