McKay Sohlberg, PhD, CCC-SLP, F-ASHA

McKay Sohlberg, PhD, CCC-SLP, F-ASHA

Instructor Bio:
McKay Moore Sohlberg, PhD, CCC-SLP has been teaching and conducting research at the University of Oregon since 1994. She is the proud director of the Communication Disorders and Sciences program. Professor Sohlberg is known internationally for her pioneering work in the field of cognitive rehabilitation. Her research focuses on the development and evaluation of interventions to address deficits in attention, memory and executive functions following acquired brain injury. She is particularly interested in the development of treatments that mitigate cognitive effects for individuals with brain injury in the post acute phase, including individuals with persistent cognitive effects following concussive injuries and individuals who are attempting to pursue postsecondary education following brain trauma. Dr. Sohlberg has published numerous articles and book chapters as well as coauthored three leading textbooks in the field of cognitive rehabilitation. She has been supported by a number of federal grants that focus on the development and evaluation of assistive technology for cognition and the evaluation of attention training. Professor Sohlberg teaches graduate courses related to cognitive rehabilitation and evidence-based practice and supervises in the CDS PhD program. She also co-directs the cognitive rehabilitation clinic in the College of Education HEDCO clinic.

Professor Sohlberg is a Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). She holds the HEDCO Endowed Professorship and has received a number of honors for her teaching and research. Professor Sohlberg serves on several committees charged with the development of evidence-based practice guidelines for the treatment of traumatic brain injury within the Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders & Sciences, the Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense.

When not focusing on her administrative, teaching and research commitments, she can be found spending time with her family or exploring the running, hiking and cycling trails in the great Northwest.

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