James Glinn Sr., PT

James Glinn Sr., PT

Instructor Bio:
James Glinn Sr. PT has practiced physical therapy since the late 1960’s and has seen and participated in the development of manual therapy and sports physical therapy as they have evolved in the United States from the 1970’s to the present. Jim Sr. has bought, developed and sold private physical therapy practices three times during this career and co-authored with his wife Jan, the book entitled “Transitions: How to Position Your Physical Therapy Practice and Create Your Succession Plan” currently under copyright by the Private Practice Section APTA.

Partnering with his oldest son Jim Jr., he helped develop the consulting firm FutureRehab, which focuses on marketing physical therapy services and practice positioning. He has written and spoke extensively on these subjects.

From his studies on marketing and relationship building techniques came a focus on the “physiology of marketing” and the role neurotransmitters play in patient-therapist relationships and in PT interventions as well. This course entitled “The Patient Experience: Creating Fans for Life” produced by Medbridge is a result of this work.

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